Giving & Receiving Feedback

What’s the purpose of feedback and why is it important to give it in a timely and honest manner? How can we create psychological safety? Learn why the “sh*t sandwich” doesn’t work and a framework that does.


Alison Meyer teaches leadership communications at Berkeley-Haas and around the world. She also consults to individuals and corporations on leadership and personal performance. As such, she helps senior-level managers take on larger and more complex leadership roles, and executives develop their performance power in high-stakes communications situations. A proud UC Berkeley “double bear” (MBA 2011, BA Art History 1987), you can find her at


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Psychological Safety
Google’s Quest to Find the Perfect Team – NY Times | ReWork

Radical Candor
Giving feedback in a both caring AND direct manner (2×2 grid)

Cameron Anderson’s talk on decision-making in teams

For specific language and examples to help craft the conversation and manage emotions
Difficult Conversations

Crucial Conversations

Improv Wisdom – Chapter 7 “Face the Facts”

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