Nora Silver, Director, Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership – Defining the New Business Leader from Corporate to Community

[5 min 34 sec] – Business schools are churning out a new breed of MBA graduates who want to use their leadership skills toward effecting social good. The University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business is the first business school studying “multi-sector leadership,” according to says Nora Silver, adjunct professor and director of the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership at Berkeley-Haas.

Silver explains, “Multi-sector leadership is the degree to which leaders and organizations work beyond their own sectors. Corporate leaders are active in non-profit and public life. Public officials serve on nonprofit boards. It’s that kind of activity that we believe is the future of leadership.”

Silver and Haas faculty member Paul Jansen, director emeritus of McKinsey & Company are co-authors of the study.