Disruptive Innovation in Food

Food is a $7 Trillion business, and perhaps the largest, most complex sector of commerce on earth. The food business is undergoing a cataclysmic shift in priorities, driven by changing tastes and disruptive market forces driving our rational understanding of population, health, climate, agriculture, and even the microbiome. And, (almost) everyone on the planet is a consumer or customer – and hence a personal set of preferences, habits and beliefs. Berkeley-Haas alumni have been active in reshaping the food industry in innovative and inspiring ways. This panel will highlight the activities and perspectives of several “generations” of graduates who will share their stories and insights about our food system – and its most pressing challenges and business opportunities.

Will Rosenzweig, Moderator
Lecturer, Berkeley-Haas
Dean & Executive Director, The Food Business School

Kirsten Saenz Tobey, FTMBA 06. Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer, Revolution Foods
Kristin Groos Richmond, FTMBA 06. Co-Founder & CEO, Revolution Foods
Julia Silbergeld, FTMBA 15. Director of Community Strategy, Farmigo
Tom Frainier, BS 79, FTMBA 81. CEO, President, Co-Owner & Co-Founder, Semifreddi’s Handcrafted Bread & Pastries

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