HAASx Talks 2014

[1 hr 2 min] – Buckle your seat belt! Ideas will be flying. An extraordinary group of Haas alumni will share inspiration and insights worth sharing—in five minutes or less. These path-bending leaders, all experts in their fields, will present ideas that challenge our assumptions and provoke conversations that matter.


The Power Of Listening
Rick Carucci, FTMBA 84, President, Yum! Brands Inc.
Changing How People Live
Kevin Casey, FTMBA 09, Founder and CEO, New Avenue, Inc.
Reinventing Public Education—Choice & Quality for All Children
Al Fan, FTMBA 89, Executive Director, Charter School Partners, Minn.
Creating Shared Value Through Inspiration
Aylin Gezgüç, FTMBA 99, CSR Coordinator, Koç Holding, Turkey
Bootstrap to Venture: Lessons Learned
Albert Lee, FTMBA 04, Co-Founder, MyFitnessPal.com
Five things I learned in business that I didn’t learn in business school
Chris Loughlin, BCEMBA 04/05, CEO, Travelzoo
Silicon Valley with frijoles!
Juan Mini, FTMBA 99, Founder, Campus Tecnológico, Guatemala, and President, Grupo Mini
3 Hacks to Cut Gender Bias that are Good for Men, Women, Business and a lot of Things
Nilmini Gunaratne Rubin, FTMBA 99, Senior Advisor, U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee
5 Business Lessons From Olympians
Darrin Steele, EWMBA 08/09, CEO, U.S. Bobsled & Skeleton and VP of Communications, International Federation of Bobsled and Skeleton