Innovation and Social Impact through Healthcare

Moderated by Kimberly MacPherson, MBA/MPH 94; alumni panel include: Julie Brown, MBA/MPH 85, Principal and Owner, Julie M. Brown and Associates and Lauren Dugard Thomas, MBA/MPH 17, Director, Enterprise Strategy, Blue Shield of California.

Healthcare is a unique sector with a diverse range of stakeholders and a highly important role in everyone’s lives. Four alumni of the MBA/MPH program will have a lively conversation about how they have been making an impact through progressive roles across different healthcare related enterprises. The session will explore choices made, key milestones hit, and how to keep reinventing yourself to both stay relevant and engaged but also adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment. The panel will also discuss:

  • What are emerging business opportunities and challenges stemming from major driving forces such as the pandemic?
  • How can we help the system re-center around health vs. healthcare and consider the Whole Person with new efforts to incorporate social determinants, behavioral health and reduce systemic racism?