HaasX 2022

Emceed by Professor Kellie McElhaney, Founding Director, Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership, Distinguished Teaching Fellow, Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership

The pace will be fast! The ideas will fly! Join an extraordinary group of Berkeley Haas alumni who will share ideas that challenge our assumptions. These speakers conclude the day with presentations that inspire, engage, and provoke conversations that matter.

This year’s speakers include:

Olaseni Akintola Bello, FTMBA 21, Lead General Counsel, Product (Payments), Meta; Co-Founder, CarpeMed
Susy Schöneberg, FTMBA 17, Founder and Head, Flexport.org
Jesse Purewal, FTMBA 07, SVP, Head of Brand, Qualtrics
Lisha Bell, BCEMBA 12, Co-Founder of BLX VC; Economic Opportunity Fund Manager, PayPal Ventures
Eric Meyerson, FTMBA 02, VP Marketing, Turntide
Wendy Nguyen, BS 02, SVP, Section4; Co-Founder, Stand with Asian Americans